★ Assist Original ★ Face Cover Glue AS (Makeup Adhesive)


Ditch those glue sticks!

Assist’s Face Cover Glue is here! Use this to adhere to the gap between the wig and face

● Apply to the face! Made with skin friendly materials! ※ It is safe to use with cosmetic materials.
● Colorless transparent, odourless and inconspicuous!
● Dry quickly and dry quickly!
● Easily removed with makeup remover!
● Effective use on top of existing makeup!
Convenient size for carrying (approx. 7 cm)!
● Roll-on type and easy to apply!

Weight / Capacity 20 mL
Manufacturer Assist wig
Color Colorless transparent
Size Height: about 7.0 cm, width: about 3.0 cm
Component Water, copolymer, ethanol, glycerin BG, PVP, methyl paraben, propyl paraben
※ Please stop using if your skin is irritated from the product.
※ If the roller becomes dirty, please lightly wipe it by using wet absorbent cotton.

【how to use】
◆ Lightly apply the roller where you want to adhere the wig or costume.
◆ If the roller gets stuck, do not force movement, use lukewarm water to to aid the roller to move again.
◆ After use, glue attached to the wig will can easily be removed if you scrub lightly with makeup remover.

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