Medium Z- Milky


Heat-resistant medium length wig that can be used as it is.

Assist Wig’s Premium Medium Z Wig range offers a layered style cut which can be used as is, you may also choose to style it to your liking. When you purchase any Premium wig, you will receive TWO(2) COMPLIMENTARY coloured Wig Caps, a mesh and a net style. This wig has a creamy and bright gold tone.

Specification Tsutsuji type: 1″ round skin top, heat resistant temperature: 356°F(180℃) 221°F~248° recommended (105℃~120℃)
Material Fiber (not human hair.)
Manufacturer Assist wig
Colour Milky- NMLK-124 (Singular Colour)
~23 cm- width/~47 cm- back
Size Free size up to 59 cm

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